Midtown Gardens is a developmental residence situated at Tan Quee Lan Road alongside Bugis MRT Station. The development is situated at Bugis Locale 07 and is viewed as the central downtown area directly at the core of the stylish Bugis zone which appreciates great human intervention. Tan Quee Lan Road provides the exclusive chance of a peaceful corner of Bugis where people living in Midtown Gardens can get a good tie after a stressed-out day. It is the ideal spot to remain with your family with all the conveniences close by. Everything is at your reach, so there is no compelling reason to go far. The site is situated in the overall area of 521,301 sq. ft. The residential has 580 private units and business spaces.


Exclusive attributes of the property

This will be pleasant for residents who appreciate an open vehicle in the central downtown area. Residents of Midtown Gardens will appreciate the accommodation which is equipped with modern amenities. Additionally, there are malls, gourmet restaurants and other places that provide a good time in the Bugis territory.

  • Location

District 7 properties are settled in an amazing area in Singapore. The zone is a memory region that is equipped with extraordinary social vibes, a few cool spots. This is situated near the CBD makes it an appropriate region. When living here, everything is close enough. The occupants appreciate a top-class transportation arrangement in the area that permits them to commute to different places. The additional advantage is close to comforts and offices.

  • Neighborhood

If you’re searching for your next home, picking this area is a decent decision. The region is reasonable for a family and individuals also. Apart from the top class schools which are only a few blocks from Midtown Gardens. There is plenty of shopping goals, eateries, and loving spots. With numerous fundamental products and ventures close enough, the area is perfect for work and live in a believable setting.

  • Lifestyle

Midtown Gardens as the name suggested location is the midtown of Singapore that is near various shopping, courtesies, culture, and workplaces. It brings a unique way of life one can live, work and play. This advancement will provide a quality lifestyle.

  • Healthy living

Midtown Gardens is ready for collaborations, organizing and sound way of life as various townhouse offices are set up for your exercise. You can opt for the exercise center and run on the track, swimming at the lap pool or spend a good time with your companions and family over at the clubhouse or barbeque. This is something to one needs to be like that on a happy occasion.

Best value for investors

Even though the unit itself provides restrictiveness, residents here can decide to be in a dynamic way of life. With all the weekend places, social occasions, celebrations occurring over at Bugis Intersection and Bugis Town. Liang Seah Road and Tan Quee Lan Road as these places also provide great eating and beautiful site choices exactly at doorsteps. One can easily get the proper valuation of this place if they want to invest in real estate also.