The government of Singapore is trying to make its real estate market more competitive by increasingly accepting technology driven environment. These transformation has impacted the whole range of property sectors. People who are coming to buy or rent the house are looking for places where they can live in harmony. There are many new directions that Singapore is aiming to take this industry by encouraging public to adopt these new technology which can integrate them with the real estate. The real estate industry is seemingly taken off in the island where companies are developing as they are building a strategic roadmap where they aim at bring innovation and productivity into their economic climate. Recently, the residential market has seen the right change where the top agencies are launched an online platform which aims at making it easier for the buyer to buy or sell the party. This cut of the middle man and agents where the data is online shared with the consumers.

Also, the housing development board introduced a resale portal where it urges people to make the transaction in person. The commercial real estate also is coming up with smart building allowing the ITM to push out innovation as well sophisticated ideas which can make it easier for maintenance and also Machine learning. There are many companies who are investing in integrated command centre to study and optimize the performance of the building and also make sure that they can optimize the performance of the building and manage the facilities which can manage the operations outside.

Singapore is soon becoming one of the most tech savvy countries not just in Asia but the World. It is placed among the top seven when it comes to generating the economic impact from investments when it comes to ITC, Information and Communications Technologies. There are many investors who are returning to the Singapore real estate which can help downturn in the last couple of years. As the ITM contributes to the sector the real estate is set to flourish. Also, the Singapore government has designated One North as Singapore’s first drone estate where one can approve for an enterprise as well as researches which can be used later in finding the right solution. As Singapore is still trying to reposition itself and try to build a more innovate economy the global trades are showing that investments are flowing towards them. There are also may other cities which are proving to be a competition and as the real estate is getting future ready the Island continues to grow and they are many investors who are trying to take advantage of the digital age.