Financial Calculations behind the Parc Komo 

Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) got a total valuation of S$248.8 million. It got more than its expected valuation of S$196 million. It has bee take over by the Chip EngSeng Corporation. The takeover increased per square foot cost. The sole cause of the massive increase in the bidding is due to its substantial faith which denotes the increase in future prices. The forecasting for getting a good valuation by the company made it viable for the increment.

The sale of the Parc Komo was handled by the Edmund Tie and Company. The calculation is done based on 60 apartment holders will make a profit between $2.14 million and $2.27million. Moreover, the penthouse owners gain an added benefit from over $4.03million to $4.47 million and for the retail shops $4.7million to $7.08million.

The infrastructural details are the main concern behind the bidding. It has a lot of potentials to subdue profits.

Advantages associated with ParcKomo

Changi is situated in the niche and central area of Singapore. The most prominent factor before buying any property are the location, value of money nearby area, what all amenities you would get. If you are making your mind to buy one of the property then we will provide you a detailed analysis of this building site.

ParcKomo is a real estate property which is situated at the North Changi Road and Jalan Mariam. The average cost of the plot averages to $888. Due to the unavailability of any other residential developments in the perimeter of 3kms makes it very popular. 60 apartments, 12 penthouses, and 12 retail shops are the breakage of properties it acquires.

The core idea behind the bidding is to develop a residential state of the art amenities condos in the area which consist of 320 units and some of the retail shops.

Opportunities for Investors

This project is a credible opportunity for people to acquire real estate property in the prime location. You don’t have to pay any additional cost related to anything if you are the owner of the property in ParcKomo.

The opportunity to get a luxury-oriented condo can be fulfilled by ParcKomo with the possibility of increasing the worth. It can also be used solely for business purposes.

The availability of numerous modern amenities makes it a very preferable spot for attaining a property. The rich infrastructure consists of numerous possibilities in every aspect, whether it is ownership, personal or business-oriented. The employment opportunities it provides is also an added advantage for the people who makes up their mind to acquire property in ParcKomo. ParcKomo is readily on the path of becoming a commercial hub for may industrial projects which provides the bulk opportunities in the employment field. You can easily plan a long-tern business-oriented approach by deciding to buy a property. These numerous advantages pile up to make ParcKomo viable to be one of the most profitable ventures.